Waste Disposal Services for Facilities Management Industry

At Skip Go, we work in partnership with facilities managers to deliver effective waste management collection and disposal services. Whether you’re looking for additional assistance, or complete management of your waste, we can help!

Our service is based nationwide, with our experienced team qualified to handle all different types of industrial waste from hazardous materials, to recyclable goods, food waste bulky items and chemicals. We regularly work with businesses of all sizes to produce efficient waste collection and disposal that reduces your costs, improves your business efficiency and also your environmental impact. With growing concerns regarding the environment, it’s key that businesses are taking steps to improve their green credentials. We’ll help you to minimise your carbon footprint through effective recycling and responsible waste management practices.

Generally, most industrial facilities produce a number of waste products whether that’s cardboard, food, metal, plastic or even electrical waste. We’re qualified and fully compliant with UK law to manage the collection and disposal of all different waste.

The first step in arranging facilities management services for waste disposal and collection is to arrange a free audit, this enables us to understand the issues you face with your industrial waste and how we can effectively put in place processes to ensure maximum performance. Once we’ve performed our three-section audit, we’ll provide you with the best possible solution and a plan of action moving forward.

Find out more about how we can help you with facilities management. Call our team on 03301 22 77 22 to arrange your free audit.